African Lion Safari – Get Close Up With The King Of The Jungle

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Want an experience of a lifetime? Ever considered an african lion safari? Meet the king of the beasts in his own back yard. It doesn’t get any better than that for the adventurous spirit.

You’ll get a privileged insight into the natural world of the lion. Better still, with a guided african lion safari tour, any dangers that would normally exist are lessened dramatically through expert leadership.

Botswana offers an excellent african lion safari experience.

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The Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s most beautiful and unique wetland areas. While it abounds with a multitude of wild animals there is no doubt the biggest single attraction is the lion. Africa’s most feared predator, the lion is at the top of the food chain and this reason alone is enough for the adventurous types to spend a little time in his domain.

For most, seeing a lion close up and personal means a visit to the local zoo but while it is still an invigorating experience, seeing and feeling a lions presence in the wild can only be achieved via an african lion safari. Lions today have found it difficult to survive outsde of large conservation areas and programs are currently in place in the Delta to monitor and study their progress.

Dangers On An African Lion Safari

Guided tours are a wonderful way to travel through a lions domain to see these magnificent beasts in their own habitat. While the dangers on a guided tour are lessened there are still some tips for beginners to take heed of. A friend on a recent tour in South Africa experienced the fright of his life when he came close to being confronted by a group of female lions. Always the exhuberant one and who shall remain nameless here, he was travelling in a guided jeep through a lion conservation park and despite continual warnings about not leaving the vehicle, decided he wanted a photo of a male lion who just happened to be a little further away than his camera lens could focus on. To cut a long story short,he stepped out of the vehicle and only a few steps from it, before the guide noticed a group of three lioness’ moving in a stealth like motion towards the jeep. Just as well he turned around when he did, and saw my hapless friend outside the jeep and completely unaware he was being stalked. Bottomline… a needless tragedy averted.

It’s vital to listen to your guides on an african lion safari. Make no mistake, despite their dwindling numbers in the wild they still rule as king of the beasts. If you think you’re up to an african lion safari, visit your local travel agent for more information and take it from someone who knows, it will be an experience you’ll savour for a lifetime.

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African Lion Safari – Get Close Up With The King Of The Jungle

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Favorite African Safari Destinations And Safari Preparation

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Taking an African safari is an exciting holiday choice for many people however, given the nature of such an adventure, there is a required amount of due diligence to perform before you actually take off for the wilds of Africa.

Okavango Delta
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I want to briefly highlight some areas of interest in this article which you will be able to expand on further by conducting more research or talking with your travel agent. So what part of Africa do you want to visit?

Botswana Safari

For sheer contrast in landscapes Botswana is the ideal candidate. From the dry arid lands of the Kalahari desert to the rich, life blooming Okavango Delta, Botswana offers many options. Because of it’s tremendous contrast, Botswana is a perfect choice for first time safari seekers. It has a deep history and and the choice of safaris range from mobile to fly ins.

Kruger National Park

Undoubtedly Africa’s best known safari destination, Kruger has been officially in existence since 1926. Set in South Africa and formerly known as Sabie Park before being expanded and re-named more than 80 years ago, Kruger has been a safe haven for many animal species due to the threat of over hunting. Since being opened to visitors, Kruger has drawn visitors to it like a magnet however, there are certain codes of etiquette you’ll need to observe.

Kenya Safari

Kenya has been described as the “grand daddy” of African safari destinations because it is the birthplace of the traditional safari. Like Botswana, it offers plenty of diversity in both landscape and fauna. The Masai people are almost legendary around the world and the safari options are numerous. One of the favoured safari tours is the Gorilla tour. However, think of an animal in Africa and it’s likely to be in Kenya… elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs… all you’ll need is good working camera.

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania would just about be this author’s favorite safari destination. Tanzania is East Africa’s largest country and as a history student, it conjures up images of a rich, exciting and sometimes violent past. What it has to offer both in landscape and fauna is quite staggering… Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, wildlife and some amazing national parks. In fact, if it’s wildlife you’re interested in then Tanzania is pretty hard to beat.

These are just four areas on the African Safari trail well worth considering however, throw “into the mix” safari destinations in Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe plus consider short term safari options to major landmarks and areas and you begin to appreciate that vastness that is Africa.

Are there any dangers? Well sure, but tour operators are extremely over zealous about the safety of tourists that this almost doesn’t become a concern. Preparation for an African Safari is of the utmost importance and not only will you need to do homework on the intended area of visit but there is a little matter of “housekeeping” to perform as well. What to take? Clothing;light or heavy, personal care items, passports, money, sunblock treatments: your tour operator will be able to give you a shortlist to consider before leaving the country. The latter just about becomes the most important part of the trip because if you get it right, then your African safari experience becomes a whole lot more attractive.

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Favorite African Safari Destinations And Safari Preparation

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